Description: Ecoboiler freestanding stove range by Stratford

Lead time: 2-4 weeks

Fitting time: 6-8 hours

Ecoboiler 16 HE

Log Length: 6″/405mm   Width: 23.2″/590mm   Height: 26″/659mm   Depth: 15.8″/402mm
Output to Water: 13.6kW

Ecoboiler 12 HE

Log Length: 12″/305mm   Width: 21.6″/548mm   Height: 23.2″/590mm   Depth: 22.8″/578mm
Output to Water: 11.6kW

Ecoboiler Wood

Log Length: 19.7″/500mm   Width: 26.8″/680mm   Height: 26.3″/668mm   Depth: 22.9″/582mm
Output to Water: 11.8kW


Features :

  • 7 year guarantee
  • Easily accessible water sensor for trouble-free maintenance
  • Preheated airwash system for clean glass
  • Stainless steel ash pan and baffle
  •  Available in wood burning or solid fuel
  • Compact space-saving design
  • Discreetly positioned thermostatic control fitted as standard
  • Flue Exhaust Diversion system to improve performance
  • Up to 3 bar operating pressure

Also available in different sizes and kW, please contact us for more information.

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