Luisella Pellet Stove

Features:• Hearth, fire door and brazier in cast iron • Shell and tube exchanger • Ash compartment • Hermetic tank • Upper room ventilation with dedicated motor • Reduced depth (slim) • Output smoke outlet possibilities: rear, upper • Extractable hearth (only by authorized assistance) • Standard Equipment: 5-button remote control ; Led display

Luisella Pellet Stove Specifications

Efficiency94,4 – 91,9 %
Dimensions (W-H-D)572x892x307 mm
Net weight64 kg
Hourly consumption0,5 – 1 kg/h
Smoke outlet diameter80 mm
Feed box total capacity~ 10 kg
Energy Label A+
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency80 % (ECODESIGN 2022)
Outdoor temperature thermostat input
The product interfaces with room temperature control devices (thermostat or contacts) to achieve the selected temperature in every room.
Extractable burn pot for easy cleaning
The burn pot’s system of construction allows easy extraction for quick and complete cleaning.
Clean combustion
Increases combustion efficency and the duration of parts subject to wear duration reducing at the same time the ordinary brazier cleaning.
Room temp. thermostat

The room probe optimizes comforts and lowers noticeably the consumption.

Chronothermostat provided with temperature control divided in four daily slots for an optimal rooms management.
Doors in cast iron
The high-quality cast-iron doors are made to last and ensure perfect sealing at all times.
Auto-adjustment of the fumes extractor (encoder)
It keeps the RPM of the fumes motor constant, to ensure correct combustion of the product.
Hopper safety thermostat
Ensure always high safety standard, preventing the overheting of the product in case of anomaly.
Flue pipe safety pressure switch
Checks the correct evacuation of the fumes and, in case of need, locks the loading of pellets, to avoid problems on the generator.
Auto-relighting after black-out
Following a black out the appliance automatically re-starts after having carried out the scheduled auto-control.
1st and 2nd air auto-balancing
Primary and secondary air electronically balanced for an optimal combustion and thermal efficency.
Glass cleaning system
A system of pre-heated air which removes any deposit from the fire-door glass.